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Services provided online and in Bend Oregon in English and Spanish. Follow on Social Media for the latest news and publically open classes.


Providing trainings to improve all forms of communication as they are crucial to organizational performance, also including personality types, mental health, and suicide prevention.


Meeting your family's interpersonal communication challenges and aspirations with care, understanding, and expertise, including special needs. Also providing Alzheimer's and Dementia prevention and financial preparation advice.


Improving your interpersonal communications at any age with the support and expertise to take your personal and professional life closer to your goals, also including mock interviews and social navigation.



Silvi, an HR professional, and Dave, a K-12 teacher, met in the summer of 2016 while attending a body language trainers retreat in Portland Oregon.  They soon fell in love and were married in August, 2018. 

They continued gaining professional certifications to apply body language expertise to meet more specific needs. Combined, their professional expertise spans: human resources, education, special needs, interpersonal relationships, Alzheimer's and dementia, mental health, suicide prevention, and understanding personalities.

Together they are dedicated to helping clients increase their ability to communicate by showing them the power of body language and personality science. They use their diverse education, background and training to tailor their services to your specific goals and needs.



At the age of 19, Silvi moved to the United States from South America. Facing the challenges of mastering the English Language and understanding a new culture she spent a great deal of time watching the communication styles of the people around her to be able to learn the different subtleties of her new environment. 

Soon after moving to the States, Silvi became a Human Resources Professional for 10 years. Silvi  developed her sense for seeing and interpreting non-verbal communication, spotting the hidden messages behind words in the corporate environment. 

Silvi saw how body language is crucial to human resources work and gained that certification along with suicide prevention, mental health, and alzheimer's and dementia prevention and preparation. All of these credentials make her an expert source for such trainings in organizations as well as for families and individuals in either English or Spanish. 


Dave understands how people can overcome challenges to navigating social life. When Dave was nearly 8 years old, he experienced a bike accident resulting in major head injury. He was not the same afterwards, struggling to relate with his peers.

With professional help, perseverance, and education, Dave found body language expertise to be a crucial element of his full recovery.  He practices the application of body language expertise in his personal and professional life, specializing in helping school age children persevere with their personal challenges.

Dave has a degree in Sociology and two teaching credentials along with Body Language, Suicide Prevention, and Myers Briggs certifications. With teaching special education for over 10 years, Dave uses his body language expertise in helping students and their families in academic, home, and social settings. 



"I own a million dollar a year business here in Bend Oregon and the edge I now have in business has a lot to do with The Wolf Advantage! I am able to better read and reach my clients, hire better, work with and promote the right people with this great technique and tools from The Wolf Advantage."

Business Owner, Donna James

"The Wolf Advantage’s Body Language course really helped me feel more confident while talking to people outside my family. I’ve always been a shy person and I would always hunch down when I walked.  When Mr. Wolf taught me what I was portraying when I stood like this and coached me on more powerful Body Language, I changed my posture, which made me feel more confident, and made it easier to talk to people, participate in class and speak my mind.  I’ve learned a lot about how people’s faces can show their emotions which has allowed me to, better predict what my friends are really thinking, so that I can respond appropriately and allowed my friends to see me for who I really am."

11th Grader , Ken C.

"My team loved The Wolf's Advantage's presentation! It was engaging, informative, and highly relevant to the research we do. Their Trainer worked with me before hand to customize the presentation to our needs and included examples that applied directly to our line of work. The team especially enjoyed Dave’s ability to call out their colleagues when there were demonstrating some of the behaviors Dave was discussing. Dave’s interaction with the team made the presentation memorable so I’m sure these learnings will be top-of-mind next time they’re working on an applicable project."

Research Director, Bonnie Chiurazzi



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